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Women’s sexual health is just as much dependent on psychological factors as it is on physical ones. Anorgasmia is a definite sign of dysfunction. My name is Wendy Soldado and I would like to discuss the implications of anorgasmia.

What it is

Anorgasmia is the inability to achieve orgasm. While it may not seem like that big a threat as breast cancer it is definitely an important concern to women’s sexual health. Mainly because anorgasmia is usually a symptom of an underlying cause which is usually of grave importance to a woman’s well-being.

What May cause it

Anorgasmia can be caused by both psychological dysfunction and physical trauma. Studies have shown that 70% of women cannot achieve orgasm without stimulation of the clitoris. As barbaric as it may sound, female genital mutilation is still practiced by many cultures. Cultural pressure to suppress sexual expression can also cause anorgasmia. As anorgasmia is caused in most women because they haven’t figured out what makes them climax yet. Anorgasmia can indicate problems beyond women’s sexual health as it can also be caused by diseases like diabetic neuropathy or multiple sclerosis. Inability to have orgasms has also been associated with psychological trauma.
Anorgasmia is not an issue we should take lightly. After all, all the things that it implies are not ones that can be taken lightly.

Few Things Women need to watch out for

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There are many concerns regarding women’s sexual health and it is time for us to discuss them. I am Jeremy Houston and I am a health consultant for UNICEF.

Primary Threats

There are basic threats to women’s sexual health that are usually discussed in a sex education class. These are pretty basic information regarding sexually transmitted diseases and unintended pregnancies. It is important to make sure that you are well versed in ways to protect yourself from these threats because it could save your life or at the very least avoid any major lifestyle changes.

Things To Look Out For

First of all watch out for irregularities in your breast like lumps, roughness and scaling in your nipple. It could indicate breast cancer which is a grim diagnosis but if caught early it can be treated properly. Ovarian cancer is another menace that women need to be on the lookout for. On the early stages they present as bloating so if you have been feeling bloated over several weeks consult a physician immediately. Menstrual bleeding patterns may not be regular for everyone but one is always familiar with their own. If you have had irregular bleeding patterns than it could indicate something serious. So can inflamed feeling during urination. Frequent urination and burning during urination usually indicate problems with the renal system but they can indicate something more serious. If the vaginal discharge you are producing has a filthy smell than it usually indicates infection but again, it could be worse. Pain during intercourse is a definite tip-off to women’s sexual health problems. Sexually transmitted diseases usually present themselves in the form of inflamed itchy rashes early on. Though it is not a definite sign, if the itch persists a doctor’s appointment is in order.


Talk About It

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The statistics involved with female orgasm make some appalling reading. It seems as though seeing a woman have an orgasm is as likely as seeing big foot. I am Regina Woodworth and I am a physician. I would like to say a few things that may help women achieve orgasms more regularly. It is essential to women’s sexual health that they do.

Masturbation is nothing to be ashamed about

We don’t live in the dark ages anymore so why do we still hold ourselves to the rules of chastity of those days. There is nothing wrong with sexual exploration and if you ask me, it is high time we took matters into our own hands. A survey has recently revealed that only 28 percent of women achieve genuine orgasms during sex. It is not a large number and faking orgasms are really not helping anyone anymore. Sure your partner may feel better about himself and most of the time you may just want to get it over with but you are the one missing out. Some women can’t have orgasms regularly and this is mostly because you haven’t figured out how to yet. Try and masturbate. If you are unable to achieve orgasm then try different scenarios and devices until you have achieved orgasm. You have to explore your sexuality and find out what turns you on and what helps you climax. It is not very complicated but can definitely take you a long way to better understand women’s sexual health.

Talk to your partner

There are a lot of women who just let their partners believe that they have had an orgasm just to make them feel better. While others are yet to figure out how to regularly climax and even ones that have never achieved orgasm. Orgasms play a major role not only in women’s sexual health but the overall landscape of a relationship. You have to talk to your partner and make them understand what they need to do in order to make you climax. This will not only help you enjoy sex a lot more, it will also help your relationship.

You may think that relationships can function without orgasms but think about what it says about your relationship if you have to act like you are enjoying an activity that the two of you do exclusively with each other. Maybe it is time you sat down and gad a talk.


Help yourself

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Remember the days when people used to go on witch hunts. They basically went and hunted (quite literally) women who possessed any form of superior powers. Sometimes these powers turned out to be nothing more than self-confidence really, but that was enough to burn someone on a stake. While times have moved on and anyone who burns someone on a stake is usually convicted of murder, cultures and societies still seem to be frightened out of their wits when they think about a confident woman. I am Joanna Herschel and I have been a speaker for the International feminist forum for a good part of a decade. I would like to talk you through the relationship between women’s sexual health and their self-confidence.

The Importance of women’s sexual health

It may not seem like a big issue here in Britain as our society has more or less accepted the importance of sexual freedom. This means that we can’t see the full extent of the issue and mostly we take it for granted. For instance, across most of Britain a woman can walk into an adult toys store and pick out something she likes without anyone batting an eye. It is not quite as simple in India. Women’s sexual health is not just associated with sexually transmitted diseases and the risks involved during or of pregnancy. It is just as psychological as it is physical. Even here not everyone understands this issue which is simply not acceptable. It is mere information that can not only play a dominant part in a woman’s psychological health but physical too. Most cultures today across the world condemn women expressing their sexuality. The women these cultures effect fail to explore their sexuality which is the primary reason for anorgasmia (which is the inability to have an orgasm). Some cultures even take this suppression further by performing female genital mutilation (circumcision) which involves removing the clitoris. Statistics from studies show that 7 out of 10 women cannot achieve orgasm without clitoral stimulation. Achieving orgasm may not seem like a big issue to most of the people in such cultures but it is essential to women’s sexual health. The concern however is the causes of anorgasmia are farmore damaging to a woman than the anorgasmia itself. If a woman is unable to explore her most basic of characteristics how is she to understand her capacity. This affects not only her confidence and health; it ends up affecting her life.

Women’s Sexual Health Problems

There are some symptoms that women need to be on the lookout for. Anorgasmia can be the result of multiple sclerosis and diabetic neuropathy. A lump in your breast should cause alarm as breast cancer is not that uncommon anymore. If you feel bloated and feel full very easily over several weeks consult your doctor about ovarian cancer. If you feel that your menstrual bleeding has become irregular you should consult a doctor. Vaginal discharge that smells particularly bad could indicate infection. So can pain during sex, it could be something even worse however so don’t take it lightly. Chronic fatigue is not a good sign as it could imply hormonal imbalance which can be caused by a number of serious diseases. Sexually transmitted diseases are always a threat to women’s sexual health and they usually present themselves first in the form of itchy rashes. If you experience pain and discomfort during urination it could indicate urinary tract infection. More severe conditions involving the kidneys can also present themselves as frequent or inflamed urination. In any case it will be wise to see a doctor.